Plebs Build Together

Plebs Build Together

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Simply Bitcoin

Pleb Run Bitcoin News
Keeping you up-to-date with the peaceful #Bitcoin revolution.
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Bitcoin Racing

Bitcoin is underrepresented in motorsports and is missing out on exposure to millions of TV viewers/fans. We are changing this.

By entering a fleet of Bitcoin-wrapped cars into some of the UK’s most prestigious motorsports championships, and utilising our industry-leading partnership with El Salvador, Bitcoin will be seen by millions of live TV viewers and spectators thereby increasing awareness, brand exposure and adoption.

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Bitcoin Beach

The project Bitcoin Beach is creating a sustainable Bitcoin Economic ecosystem on the coast of El Salvador, where the majority of people do not have access to bank accounts and the local businesses could never qualify for merchant accounts needed to accept credit cards.

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Pleb Underground

Pleb Underground is a collective of independent Bitcoin writers, podcasters, youtubers, memers and content creators who partnered up to create a one stop spot to check out all their latest content.

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Lake Bitcoin

The goal is to create a Bitcoin circular economy in Pana. To help Centro Educative Josue with their school programs and funding needs. To incentivize clean-up of Lake Atitlan. And create economic opportunity for this small but vibrant Guatemalan town.

Once this is accomplished and/or progressing, the goal will be to engage the other communities around the lake to do the same.

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Hero of Bitcoin

Hero of Bitcoin – The Game

Creating a Bitcoin inspired video game that works on a real Gameboy, as well as android and desktop.

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The Bitcoin Game

The 1st Bitcoin board game that teaches about the Bitcoin Network in a fun way for the whole family!

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