TK21 MK3 ColdCard Case


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TK21 Coldcard Case

Wrap your Coldcard in the sleek and functional TK21 Coldcard Case, made in collaboration with Ti Kawamoto. This case lets you personalize and distinguish your Coldcard devices while protecting them from light scrapes and drops. With cutouts for the USB port and MicroSD slot, as well as space to fit a 25mm x 10mm label, you can PSBT in style!

Featuring a built-in accessory rail, the TK21 Coldcard Case is designed for extended functionality to complement your unique bitcoin hardware setup. Clip on the folding Kickstand attachment for better screen visibility during operation or HSM mode. Addicted to buying Coldcards? Organize your multiple hardware wallets with the Coldcard “Mag Clamp” available in the Maxi Bundle.

The TK21 Coldcard Case is a must-have for every bitcoiner in the #calculatorcrew!


TK21 Coldcard Case:

  • Clear access to MicroSD and USB port
  • Space for a 25mm x 10mm label (link)
  • Integrated accessory rail

TK21 Kickstand:

  • Attaches snugly to the Coldcard Case
  • Folds flat for storage

TK21 Mag Clamp:

  • Holds up to 3 Coldcard Cases
  • Can be daisy chained to additional Mag Clamps


*Disclaimer* ColdCards not included.

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