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The Bitcoin Spinner Ornament


Just in time for Christmas! Only available for a limited time!

Grab the awesome Bitcoin Spinner Ornament!

Check out the Color Sample Page Above to see what the colors look like!

We’re excited to have team up with Rob to bring his awesome Bitcoin Art and Designs to everyone!

This Bitcoin Spinner Ornament is here just in time for Christmas! Designed by Rob Mitchell, who first got into designing Bitcoin-themed items in mid-2013. His earliest physical product was a Bitcoin Keychain () that borrowed heavily from the existing Bitcoin logo art.

Rob also started doing a lot of graphic design for Bitcoin companies. One such design was for a podcast called “Mad Money Machine,” and the art was a “bitcoin machine” that Rob created using 3D software. Many years later, Rob got interested in 3D printing, and decided to 3D-print the “bitcoin machine,” which came out really nice. This led Rob to design a non-static Bitcoin gizmo: the Bitcoin “B” surrounded by two outer circles that all move independently. And it worked! Photos and videos of this “bitcoin spinner” posted on social media went viral. Rob was greeted with so many purchase requests, that he turned to his friends at CryptoCloaks to help make the product available to everyone. And with CryptoCloaks’ extensive 3D printing experience and top-notch equipment, they’ve succeeded in printing an even better Bitcoin Spinner than Rob could.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 0.25 in
Ornament Color

Gold, Black, Cherry Red, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Florescent Green, Green, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Blue, Clear, Beige, Bronze, Silver, Purple, Pink

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